Issue 2.3 Cover

Issue 2.3



José Angel Araguz. Adapting to the environment.

False Memory
Laura Breitenbeck. A word between ideal and real.

Bernard Grant. A rubber duck defines the relationship of two cousins.

Installation #1: A Boat Named January
Jennifer Metsker. A yacht for thought.

The Simple Son
Rachel Belth. Questions to a grandmother.

Bryan Kring. Longterm relationship.

Foreign Images
Jeannette Ronson. The slippery nature of foreign.

10,000 Tangerines
Sloan Thomas. What we know about people.

Rick Krizman. Warning and reflection.

Postcard Lit

Film School / When I Consider How My Light Was Spent #2
Shane Guffogg & Coco Owen. Seeing into life and work.

The Unseen
Howard Richard Debs. Garden for the Blind.

Lesson in Fearlessness
Joachim Frank. Out of the shadows, moving forward together.

Art Post

It Begins with an Ordinary Life
Stephanie Brody-Lederman. A painting of more than a vase, bird, and tablecloth.

Going Nowhere Fast
David Fullarton. A drawing of runners with words.

The Faces of Prek Toal
Natasha Van Zandt. Photograph of boy at floating school in Cambodia.

The Faces of Prek Toal
Natasha Van Zandt. Photograph of girl at floating school in Cambodia.

Critical Stance
Shelton Walsmith. A painting of a man and his reflection.

Little Standards
Lucia Dill. A painting of chairs in conversation.

'Twas Always Thus
David Fullarton. A drawing of a tricycle with words.

Ron Nath. Photographs of letters make up the word.

Shervone Neckles. A red and black print.

Erasure Text

Fire Recollected
Ali Znaidi. Collage over Bleak House by Dickens.

Ali Znaidi. Collage over Bleak House by Dickens.

The Letter
Winston Plowes. Layered postcard over page 322 of Neal Cassady Collected Letters, 1944-1967

The Night
J.I. Kleinberg. Poem assembled from random words.

Hidden Gems

Polish Girl: She Says She’s German at First
Masashi Musha. Meeting in a bar.

Howard Beach
Gabriel Kalmuss-Katz. Everything departs.

Just So You Know
Carolyn Martin. Finding a better way.

Day of Atonement
Jennifer Martelli. Trying to get it right.

The Significance of Our Fabric
Anna Bagshaw. Dealing with family bias.

Simon Perchik. Attempts at fixing.

Even these laces
Simon Perchik. Hidden transformation.

The Sound of a Forgotten Letter
Seif-Eldeine. Syria, war, and memories.

Max Jacob / trans. Alastair Johnston. A colorful look at what is seen.

The Woods
Sarah Dravec. Finding her way.

California Poppy
Sarah Kobrinsky. Naming and moving.

Urban Legends
Kamden Hilliard. Dandelions and skin color.

Elizabeth McMunn-Tetangco. A serene moment.

Emerging from Broken
Ariana Den Bleyker. Recovery.

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