We are in an inflatable raft, floating. There’s no sign of land. It’s hot but we don’t feel thirsty. We sit on opposite ends of the small boat and fit our legs side by side so that we can stretch out as much as possible.

Looking into the water, I see tiny fish gathering around the edge of our raft. They are interested in a small stream of bubbles trickling from a little hole. I press my finger over the hole and stop the stream. The raft still seems to be fully inflated.

We are watching the sky along the horizon when you hear a soft hissing. I listen too, and we find a second hole. You cover it with your finger.

The sun is strong, and you say that you’d like to cool off with some water. I get my toe onto the second hole, and you lean over and slip your head beneath the water. Soon your arm follows. Looking up through dripping hair, you say that you’ve found another leak. By lying on the side of the raft, you are able to reach it.

We continue to find holes and put all of our bodies to use. Our limbs tangle into awkward contortions as we stretch and twist to contain the air.

Peering out from beneath your knee, I see a man and a woman in a wooden dinghy row up beside us. “Beautiful day,” the man says. “Yes,” I agree. As they row away, one of their oars breaks. The rotting wood sinks silently into the water. They continue on using the remaining oar as a paddle.

Bryan Kring is supposed to be working as a graphic designer in Oakland, CA. In reality he is spending most of his time making up stories, doodling, and playing with paper. www.kringdesign.com