Urban Legends

Have you ever heard of rubbing dandelions under your chin? If it rubs off that means you’re in love. —Ray Bradbury, Fahrenheit 451

Yo, if you dust a dandelion under your chin
and the pollen rubs off, it means you’re in love.

She does. But sister is dark opal, new moon black
and beautiful. She can’t see any pollen. I say, ha
you’re too black.
But I laugh so she knows I’m joking
and she laughs
but then Im wondering
what this all means
does she have to be:
to rub right to love
right? then im not
laughing at all and
not happy because
i made dark bad
dark the accident
dark rubber rubble
skid mark skin is
too dense to float
to layer to lay
to spill sister try polite
try plight-lite try light-er
try lite winch
try un-lynch/lynch-er
you are
only teeth bone nailbed
palm foot-bottom
of eye color schema
catalogue of unbecoming
natural selections   yours/ours
is an unpollinated love
dry paintbrush   dont rub too hard
no fossils to unearth
no love to find
nothing here in the infertile world

Kamden Hilliard studies creative writing and psychology at Sarah Lawrence College. He is, mainly, a brother and friend. When he is not brother-ing or friend-ing, he is a 2012 Davidson Laureate, a 2013 Norman Mailer College Poetry Award Semifinalist, and an avid hiker. He tries to keep busy. Hilliard is a poetry editor with the Adroit Journal and Editor-In-Chief for Dark Phrases magazine. He has been published (or has forthcoming work) in Requited Journal, Bellow Literary Journal, Burntdistrict, and other lovely places. If he wasn’t writing, he’d be very sad—or a scientist.