Polish Girl:
She Says She’s German at First

then reveals to me later at the bar with Jack and Coke in hand
that she’s really Polish. She says that
sometimes her friends think she looks
Asian, pulls at the skin
beside her eyes, making her eyes
look like eyes. I laugh. She applies
vermillion lipstick. Asks if it looks good
on her. Let me see I say, bringing her close to me.

Masashi Musha currently lives in San Diego, California where he earned his MFA in Creative Writing. In his free time, he has performed stand-up comedy and practiced martial arts. You can read his other stuff in The Potomac, San Diego Poetry Annual, Relief and Chantarelle’s Notebook. He is also one of the founders and editors of Six Arrow Press, a newly formed poetry press. His poem is based on his experience in Madrid, Spain where he met some Europeans on a pub crawl.