The Significance of Our Fabric

I have worn the grey wool jumper every winter in countless countries for twelve years. My grandmother knitted it for my brother, who wore it until he grew tall. She never knitted me a jumper and I do not care for her either. Grandsons are her thing.

I send her a photograph of me in it when I travel. She sends the photo back ripped into tiny pieces. This year for her 80th I sent a photograph of it being used by a homeless man in Central Park. She replied and asked ‘Should I knit him another?’

Anna Bagshaw currently lives in Brisbane, Australia with her partner and their dog, Stanley. She works at a library and previously worked in art galleries in Western Australia. She is passionate about writing, reading, art, dogs, gardening, apartment decorating and cooking. She has been published in Artlink Magazine and is pursuing the art of short fiction.