Issue 9.4

Issue 9.4


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What the Body Remembers
Linda Briskin. Personal essay of healing.

Let It Rain
Linda Allison. An unexpected guest.

Emily Clemente. An impossible friend.

Chapter Two
Kerry Graham. Teaching, learning, and listening.


Arrangement in Grey and Black (Whistler's Cat)
Val Simonetti. Photo.

Toti O'Brien. Collage.

Blue Tights (i)
Linda Briskin. Photo.

Luz Marina Ruiz. Artist book.

Birds Dream of Trees
Linda Briskin. Photo on acetate.

Luna Mar
Luz Marina Ruiz. Artist book.

Framing the Cascades
Oormila Vijayakrishnan Prahlad. Collage.

The Boulders Sing
Oormila Vijayakrishnan Prahlad. Collage.

Where the Clouds Gallop
Oormila Vijayakrishnan Prahlad. Collage.

Luz Marina Ruiz. Artist book.

Word + Image

Rowboat at Anchor
Susan Bourgerie and Sandra Kacher. Photo and poem.

Larry Caveney. Painting and poem.

Day mom died
Larry Caveney. Painting and poem.

That night Violet was forced to kiss Orlando
Larry Caveney. Painting and poem.

Hidden Gems

Michelle Matthees. Good luck for some.

Dish with Two Eyes
Michelle Matthees. Examining an icon.

Vanessa Couto Johnson. Taking stock.

Friday Afternoons
Nancy Jo Allen. Mother and her hairdresser.

Carol Barrett. After Joe Wilkins' "When We Were Birds."

Martha Christina. Empathy and limitations.

Sandra Kacher. Night storm.

Drought Dispatched
John L. Stanizzi. Preparing for hope.

Morning Snow
B. Dixon. The meaning of weather.

Invisible Companions
B. Dixon. Observation from inside.

Homeless: the rose on the thorn bush
Richard L. Matta. A different angle.

Nancy Jo Allen. Leaving the living.

A Christmas Poem
Jean Ryan. Memory and reality.

model numbers | tumult
Vanessa Couto Johnson. Evolution.

*age *ist
Vanessa Couto Johnson. Defined by numbers.

Erasures and Found Poetry

Front Room + Dried Eucalyptus & Vinyl
Francesco Levato. From page 16 of The Scarlet Plague by Jack London.

Impermanence and Flux (Istanbul)
Shantha J. Bunyan. Collage poem over photograph.

A River Stilled (Malta)
Shantha J. Bunyan. Collage poem over photograph.

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