Dish with Two Eyes

I stand before The Icon of St. Lucy, in the church, recorded by the corner camera. The paint traces itself, lays down like a road. It’s a journey for the eyes, that close looking, like the game to find the smallest differences between two pictures in a child’s puzzle book. An ear is gone here! Only one man sports a beard. Who put a dog bone in the limb of this tree? You can’t fool me. I’m paying attention. I know we are in big trouble.

Michelle Matthees' poems have appeared in Conduit, Memorious, The Baltimore Review, J Journal, The Prose Poem Project, and numerous other journals. In 2016 New Rivers Press published her book-length collection of poems, Flucht. More information about her work is available at  michellematthees.com.

You can see more of her work in 9.4

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