empty rowboat on the water with crossed oars

Rowboat at Anchor

Coils of worry unspool, a relief to step out of time's overcoat.

Sandra Kacher comes to writing poetry after years of hearing about the inner lives of her hundreds of therapy clients. She brings an ear for music and a heart for beauty to poetry that she hopes shares the ways she is moved by nature, human life and all the flotsam that catches her eye. She is shaped by intimations of mortality and most of her work bows to impermanence.

See more of her work in 9.4 and 8.3 and 8.3

Susan Bourgerie is an enthusiast photographer located in Minneapolis, MN. After a thirty-year career as a psychotherapist working with words, she’s now in love with finding and making images. She practices mindful photography in an attempt to notice what’s remarkable in the present moment, using light, color, form and her intuition to express and share what she sees in a way that resonates with the viewer.

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