words emerge as erasures from a page from Jack Londons The Scarlet
        			Plague with distorted imagery making a kind of chambered nautilus or
        			circular staircase around it that says a shell complete but departed 
        			shaky broke I was overwhelmed with sight

Front Room + Dried Eucalyptus & Vinyl

From p. 16 of the novel The Scarlet Plague by Jack London, collaged with datamoshed imagery from everyday life in lockdown. Datamoshing is a technique that introduces errors in the code of digital files causing them to glitch.

Francesco Levato is a poet, a literary translator, and a new media artist. Recent books include Arsenal/Sin Documentos; Endless, Beautiful, Exact; Elegy for Dead Languages; War Rug; Creaturing (as translator); and the chapbooks A Continuum of Force and jettison/collapse. He holds an MFA in Poetry, a PhD in English Studies, and is currently an Associate Professor of Literature & Writing Studies at California State University San Marcos.


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