words pasted on photograph of night on a lighted park that overlooks
        			the water and a sculpture of cutout people shapes that says Humanity
        			already possesses Stars dust and gas the stuff we can discern irony
        			as well as joy and sorrow And while everyone agrees there's no shortage
        			of problems When the water is gone its gone Slowly the questions are
        			being answered with solutions to follow In the meantime the world watches
        			and hopefully learns A river stilled is no longer a river

A River Stilled (Malta)

Shantha J. Bunyan is a Bi-POC, scuba dive master and former surgical tech who lived abroad as a nomad for over five years before returning to her native Colorado where she currently writes and fights chronic and invisible illnesses. This series of found poetry is made with photos from she took on her travels overseas and words clipped from various magazines and junk mail. Links to her stories and poems can be found at RandomPiecesofPeace.com 

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