Issue 11.1

Issue 11.1


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The Lost and Found
Peter Cherches. A philosophical look.

Mark Foss. Catching a moment.

Our Last Summer at Santa Cruz
Deepti Nalavade Mahule. Before a group of young women leave for college.

Pireh Moosa. Mistaken.

Another Thing
Peter Cherches. An argument shifts gears.

Given Name
Rebeka Singer. Acceptance and release.

Before the Temple Bar
Matthew Dube. Questioning.

Perhaps, After the Next Funeral…
Hibah Shabkhez. A community comes together and breaks apart.

Family Tree
Michael L. Sussman. A human, a dog, and a cat.

The Next Chapter
Rebecca Buller. A kind of therapy.

Luku 1987
Siete Lin. Memory and metaphor.


Ghost Beach
Aiyana Masla. Watercolor.

Brick Window
Alexis Choi. Etching.

The Legend of Leda
Lauren Ari. Painting on dictionary page.

Alexis Choi. Etching.

Cousins of Eclecticism
Lauren Ari. Painting on dictionary page.

Alexis Choi. Etching.

Woman in Washington Square Park
William C. Crawford. Photo.

Grace Gorilla
Lauren Ari. Painting on dictionary page.

Gila Monsters Ghostly Gifts
Lauren Ari. Painting on dictionary page.

Questionable Parking Greenwich Village
William C. Crawford. Photo.

My Neighborhood Walk
Aiyana Masla. Watercolor.

Hidden Gems

Food, the Present
Violet Piper. The effects of time.

Your Stare
Mona Mehas. Assumptions and reality.

Monastery of Fonte Avellana
Simona Carini. A place as a calm character.

The Buddhist Teachings Seen from an Open-Air Café
Michael G. Smith. Planted firmly on earth.

Dreams Are Lavish Thieves
Michael G. Smith. Contradictions.

Dreams Are Lavish Gifts
Michael G. Smith. Humility.

In a Field of Daisies
Martha Christina. Compassion.

There Are as Many Explosions…
Mykyta Ryzhykh. In war.

Cheryl Snell. Freedom.

Half Bread Is Better Than Stories
Oniororo Oladele Orepo. Responsibility.

crash and burn
Marilyn Baszczynski. Father and daughter and dreams.

Stephen Delaney. Light and dark.

Word + Image

Bottle Rocket Chair
Larry Caveney. Imaginary adventure.

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