Issue 7.2

Issue 7.2



Margaret Madole. Context and comparisons.

Ask Me About the End of the Day
K.M. Crane. Paying attention.

Three Wishes
K.M. Crane. Magic.

Marfa, Texas
Daryl Scroggins. At the border.

Chapel of the Holy Cross
Margaret Madole. Over-the-shoulder limits.

The Smell of Arizona
Margaret Madole. When smells communicate.

Going for Snow Cones
Daryl Scroggins. Fun with Great-Grandma.

Daryl Scroggins. The large and the small.

Crescent Moon Autobiography
Alia Hussain Vancrown. Deep into a life in America.


The Wall Texture
Fabio Sassi. Photograph.

Ice II
Marcia K. Bilyk. Photograph.

Up on the High Seas
Michael Thompson. Kite.

3x5, Bandon
David Johnson. Watercolor.

A Tea Set
Sofia Rybkina. Drawing.

Lydia's on Ludlow
Mark Lee Webb. Photograph with app filter.

Michael Thompson. Kite.

Michael Thompson. Wood assemblage.

Hidden Gems

Learning to Drive (Golden Shovel)
Prince Bush. Stirring up emotions.

Smooth Dirt
Jory Post. Growing up and change.

Borders and Boundaries
Carol Dorf. The shifting of home.

Criterion Collection Haiku: Lonesome
Spencer Sapienza. Cutout poem.

Haibun – Salt Marsh at Sandy Neck
Kali Lightfoot. How to remember an experience.

How We Are Reassured
Erica Soon Olsen. Signs and symbols.

On the Trail
Jenna Heller. Carrying on.

Sarah Shapiro. Literary planting.

This is an ode to that octopus trapped behind glass
Jennifer Vaknine. Silent communication.

History Exhibit
Miki Blenkush. Out of context.

In a Steady Rain
Martha Christina. Creature feeder.

I pulled up to static salvation at the McDonald's drive-thru
Jennifer Vaknine. Difficult communication.

Rest Bay
Louisa Owen. Adventures in driving.

Save Me, Lady Liberty
Delvon Mattingly. Dream and mistakes.

Capture and Release
Jory Post. A glorious dream with accompaniment.

The Curiosity Test
Todd Mercer. Look, don't look.

Word + Image

Andy's Alliance
Noriko Nakada. Story of Japanese incarceration and students.

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