Haibun – Salt Marsh at Sandy Neck

Wet foot, dry foot, wet foot, cordgrass, spike grass, salt meadow hay; summer greens shade to fall gold patched with red glasswort. We walk the marsh in each other’s footsteps; osprey nest a marvel of twigs, rope, bits of cloth. Salty grass, taste of salt on our tongues, sulphurous scent of September’s decay meets briny tangs on incoming tide. Killifish, horseshoe crabs little and big, moon snails, oysters, mermaid’s toenail, squid eggs, blue heron, skate eggs, deer.

names of flowers
vanish just as fast as names
of friends

Kali Lightfoot lives in Salem, MA. Her poems and reviews of poetry books have appeared in several journals and anthologies and won Honorable Mention from the Science Fiction Poetry Association. Kali earned an MFA in Writing at Vermont College of Fine Arts. kali-lightfoot.com

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