Issue 11.2

Issue 11.2


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The Atrium
Austin Thornton. Finding silence and self.

Penny Davis. Following a memory.

The Magic at the Mountain
CLS Sandoval. Seventh grade experiment.

Low Tide
Georgia Riordan. Childhood wisdom.

The Grandpa Called Hey
Mark Shaw. A change of heart.

Being Old in the South
Jonathan Odell. Awareness.

Home for Supper
Jonathan Odell. Only the recipes are gone.

Deep Thoughts
Jonathan Odell. Assumptions about age.

When the birds fly up, I'll be there
Penny Davis. Carrying a memory.


Tiffany Dugan. Watercolor and collage.

The Invisible, Unsayable & Inaudible
Kinwah Tsang. Text-based installation.

Sirin. Loneliness
Irina Tall Novikova. Ink on paper.

Nam Hoang Tran. Photograph.

Waiting for the Rain, My Beautiful Friend
Kinwah Tsang. Text-based installation.

Tiffany Dugan. Watercolor.

La Bohéme
Jeremiah Gilbert. Photograph.

Tiffany Dugan. Watercolor.

Imaginary World
Irina Tall Novikova. Ink on paper.

Hidden Gems

Cinder 136
Ray Malone. Inward and outward thoughts.

Spiders Are Different
Jean Ryan. A meeting of human and creature.

In the Treads of Boots
K.M. Crane. Houses and wood and time.

Lunch Date
Ace Boggess. A silent encounter.

January Clearance Sale
Tricia Knoll. Considering consolation.

In history class, instead of loaves & fishes, we find fishes
Jessica Hsu. Sensing the world of awe.

Experiment 6.13.22
Jessica Hsu. An overwhelming moment.

Interval 201
Ray Malone. Tender.

Still Point
Sandra Kacher. An object triggers a memory.

Melissa M. Frye. A comforting moment.

The Sea Speaks
Royal Rhodes. An ocean of thought and whales.

Contagious Laugh
Duane Anderson. Gift from a baby.

What Good Is Freedom Without Joy?
Ace Boggess. Answer to a question.

Word + Image

Road Runner
Larry Caveney. Painting. Encounter and expectations.

Portrait of My Teacher as an Otter
Dana Kinsey & Amy Marques. Collage.


Stewart Arend. Source: L is for Lawless by Sue Grafton, p. 24.

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