Issue 1.2 Cover

Issue 1.2



Business Travel
Andrea Marcusa. A lyrical look at flying.

I Was the More Deceived
Andrea Lewis. The bear in the car.

Man in the Chair
Francis DiClemente. An essay, life in small doses.

Faith Without a Safety Net
Daniel Buckwalter. An essay of gratitude.

William Vernon. A memory of a confusing moment.

By Water, By Fire
Kelly DuMar. A narrative in poetic form.

The Wallet
Melanie Faith. The contents of a wallet tell a story.

Driving the Deep Sea Highway
Zack Rogow. A daydream while driving.

Postcard Lit

Cruising Altitude Diptych
Philip Zimmermann. Reflections on traveling together.

Judith Tannenbaum. Childhood memories carried by rail.

Two Sets to Love
Charles Rammelkamp. Lines at Wimbledon.

Early Exposure
Susan E. King. Memories of an aunt from the Photo Bio Series.

Art Post

Navy Graduation
Kathleen Johnson. The program in black and white.

Rusted Link
Fabio Sassi. A photo of contrasts.

View In
Merlin Flower. Brightly colored and painted.

Las Vegas Vibe
Norman J. Olson. Ballpoint pen drawing observations.

Erasure Text

Page 193 from A Humument app
Tom Phillips. Original erasure text from a master, with Irma and art that "came like a cloud."

Hidden Gems

Changming Yuan. A living package.

Ace Boggess. Mysterious mail in a dream.

As a Crate of, Like So Much
Merry Speece. An extraordinary view of an otherwise ordinary visit.

Jennifer MacBain-Stephens. Continuing the circle.

Invisible Fears
Richard King Perkins II. To look or not to look.

Merry Speece. No small matter in a dream.

Clonella Sue
M.V. Montgomery. Dad and teenage daughter exchange words.

New Christian School
M.V. Montgomery. Contradiction in terms.

Sacred Music
Howie Good. A surreal scene or a dream?

The Road Knows Where I've Been
Derek Graf. Impressions of life below the surface.

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