Almost horizontal
beneath the beautiful
film of fog, little points of dew
gleam like a bracelet
like gods who have been summoned
fresh from the tundra of dreams.

So small a picture –

as when we kiss
and drink in stillness.

Cento Sources: Martha Collins, Alison Stone, Craig Arnold, Mark Rudman, Bob Hicok, Abby E. Murray, Susan Firer, George Oppen, Ed Roberson, Patrick Durgin

Patrice Boyer Claeys is the author of The Machinery of Grace (2020) and Lovely Daughter of the Shattering (2019). Recent work has appeared in The Inflectionist Review, Zone 3, Glassworks Magazine, and Aeolian Harp Anthology 5. She lives in Chicago with her husband and has two grown daughters. www.patriceboyerclaeys.com

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