An Eye-Pleasing Assemblage

A Found Poem from Online Descriptions of Rare Books

remarkably clean and free of age spotting
      no dampness or negative odors
      spine is a little shaky but still secure
somewhat stained, internally some soiling
      may have been used for purposes other than bible study

a great and eye-pleasing assemblage
      much ridiculed but lively and informative
      provocative but also outlandish
wonderfully anachronistic
a complex mystery in its own right

like a rich walled city of spires, cathedrals, palaces and art galleries,
with winding streets and fragrant courtyards full of vivid personalities

the adventures of a naked heroine
      a lush, magical world where the characters of her imagination
      possess the most universal of desires

a grotesque romance
      questions our whole notion of reality
the kind of art that’s poured out of a crucible

a sudden fusing of diverse materials into a rhythmic whole
      a most handsome presentation

Gene Twaronite is a poet, essayist, and author of seven books, including two juvenile fantasy novels and two short story collections. His latest book of poems is The Museum of Unwearable Shoes, Kelsay Books. Gene has always been fascinated by poetry’s ability to convey entire worlds of thought and feeling within a few lines of compressed expression. A native New Englander, he is now a confirmed desert rat residing in Tucson. thetwaronitezone.com