Laura stares at the holes in her kitchen drywall
and drinks American beer from a bottle. The holes
are familiar, like points on a map, and from her
bedroom at night she thinks she can hear them
singing something dark, something soft—
a melody she can only just begin to decipher.

Erin Barnett is a documentary editor with a knack for shaping complex narratives and social issues into compelling films. Her acclaimed feature documentary work investigates 21st-century epidemics [Unseen Enemy], questions the world’s affection for Steve Jobs and his products [Steve Jobs: The Man in the Machine], unearths a centuries-old tradition of systemic exploitation in American agriculture and one group’s plan to fix it [Food Chains], and delves into the psychology of lying [(Dis)Honesty—The Truth About Lies].

Alyse Knorr is a queer poet and assistant professor of English at Regis University. She is the author of three poetry collections and a book of non-fiction Super Mario Bros. 3 (Boss Fight Books 2016). Her work has appeared in Alaska Quarterly Review, Denver Quarterly, Columbia Poetry Review, The Greensboro Review, and ZYZZYVA, among others. She lives in Denver, where she co-edits Switchback Books.