Issue 6.1

Issue 6.1



Check Out
Doug Mathewson. An awkward moment in line.

Want Some More
Tammy Peacy. Conversation in the kitchen.

Eat the Sun
Tammy Peacy. A child's pride.

Tommy Dean. Incident at the mailbox.

Salvatore Difalco. Assumptions and a wild ride.

What to Do with a Good One
Terese Robison. Under the surface.

Kathryn Almy. Door-to-door salesman.

Word + Image

Random Notes: Delay Classes for Now
Jessica Lawless. Collaged poem.

Richard Kostelanetz. Circular poem (impeach).


Fence Line
Tim Sharman. Painting.

Tim Sharman. Painting.

Primal Roots
Jenn Powers. Digital art.

Hidden Gems

The Books in the Bushes
Jaimee Hills. New discoveries.

The Future
Chris Bullard. If.

Queer Nobility
Kali Lightfoot. What's in a label.

Kali Lightfoot. Avoiding attention.

Topography of Fruit
Valorie K. Ruiz. Not only an apple.

Poison Lines
Valorie K. Ruiz. Beyond Abuela's solution.

No Shelf Life
Debbie Theiss. Little boxes.

Labor Poem #17
Dan Alter. Work life.

Get Down off There
Cathryn Shea. Closer to heaven.

Landa wo. Meaning.

In the Balance
Carol L. Deering. A different opportunity.

My Own Name
Claire Ahn. In a day.

Canonical Hour
Michael Dwayne Smith. Meaning at the laundromat.

Litter Box
Deonte Osayande. Irony in memory.

Alejandro Pérez. Strength.

If You Like, Write about a Teacher Who Seemed to Be on a Power Trip." / Question for the poem "Geese," in which a student is verbally abused by a teacher
Marion Cohen. Control issues and creativity.

Not for You Not This
M. Stone. Knowing.

An April Fool in January
Alan Simmons. Warm weather and birds.

Interactive Exhibit
Micki Blenkush. What we take apart, what we take away.

There Are Foxes in the Alley
Angelina Oberdan. What is home.

Frosted Palm
Jaimee Hills. Cold weather in Florida.

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