AC 749 Fly

  Musca rest
  your thunder

  leg bolts
    on 4C’s over
  head door

    rest domestica
  rest wings pray

  ring and wring
    Hudson stowaway

    dodger immigrant
  to visit
    distant French cousins

    will you understand
    wringed ringed accents

  will you
    understand the wing
  whir its rhyme

  you boast nine
    hearts eight ache to break

    to see you to say
  you know

  only one
  will backward

Matthew Hittinger is the author of The Erotic Postulate (2014) and Skin Shift (2012) both from Sibling Rivalry Press. He received his MFA from the University of Michigan where he won a Hopwood Award. His work has appeared in many journals and anthologies, has been adapted into art songs, and in 2012 Poets & Writers Magazine named him a Debut Poet on their 8th annual list. Matthew lives and works in New York City. www.matthewhittinger.com