Issue 4.4

Issue 4.4



Plants vs. Concrete
Melissa Fu. A child's fear.

New Old Continent
TS Hidalgo. A swirl of circumstances and commentary on Johannesburg.

Chocolate Milk
Ame Gilbert. A memory of mother through chocolate milk.

Melissa Fu. Natural devotion.

Haunted Objects
Tara Isabel Zambrano. Sitting with baba.

After Maud Frizon's Over-the-Knee Boots
Autumn Stephens. A style of confidence.

Better Angel
Erin Striff. In the midst of grief, a woman abides.

Postcard Lit

Matthew Chabin. A loss and a search.

Wait, Let Me Just Post This
Renuka Raghavan. Living through brand names.

Art Post

darlene anita scott. Collage.

Chicago Big Face
Robert Del Tredici. Photograph.

Ho Cheung LEE. Photograph.

Lava Land
Toti O'Brien. Collage.

Toti O'Brien. Collage.

Flame Dame
Robert Del Tredici. Photograph.

Wai'alee Boys Tunes
William Mark Sommer. Photograph.

Jworth Wallride
William Mark Sommer. Photograph.

untitled (fruit)
Ken Rignall. Linoleum cut print.

Wind Borne
Toti O'Brien. Collage.

Erasure Text

We Can Still Learn
Alisa Golden. From: Electricity and Magentism.

Worlds in First Lines
Karen Barton. From: Worlds.

Hidden Gems

Only Light
Heikki Huotari. Spotlight on the self.

Autumnal Augur
Emily Light. Natural revenge.

Key Card Dawn
Al Ortolani. The solitude before the day begins.

Flying Over the Coast of Greenland
Al Ortolani. A shared moment.

My Vivid Imagination Paints You, Instead, Grey
darlene anita scott. Longing in a memory.

Too Polite
Heikki Huotari. The self undone.

A Devil on His Shoulder
Nancy Iannucci. The wrong friend.

What's Next
Howie Good. Assembled body-related poem from titles of artworks.

Love and Carnage
Howie Good. Assembled relationship poem from titles of artworks.

Sherry Rind. How shall I say?

Attack of the Killer Tomatoes
Ace Boggess. Existential absurdity.

Deonte Osayande. Expectations.

Ron Riekki. Moments of imprisonment.

Mark Lee Webb. What gets buried.

My Mother Comes Up in Artesia NM
Autumn Stephens. A childhood away.

Coming Back
Bradley Samore. Out of the dark again.

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