Worlds in First Lines

Source: Worlds by Geoffrey Summerfield, p. 284, who stated, 'I regret the omission of women poets from this book. This is simply due to the fact that Britain in the last fifteen years has not produced a woman poet of real stature.'

Karen Barton is a neurodiverse poet studying The History of Art with Creative Writing BA at the Open University, Milton Keynes. She lives in Wiltshire, UK, close to Stonehenge and her non-poetic occupations have included being a magician’s assistant, dancer and tango teacher. She is founder and co-editor of Matryoshka Poetry—despite tuition defying dyslexia—and has been published in Alyss, The Goose, The Curly Mind, Three Drops From A Cauldron, Poetry WTF and Thank You For Swallowing. https://thepapercutpoet.blogspot.co.uk