Not Sexy

Rooting around in the basement
I found an old wetsuit
from boyhood.

Being a fat kid then, it still fit now.

I went upstairs in the wetsuit
and shouted:

I am fluent in Klingon!
Qapla’! ‘IwlIj jachjaj!

That is not attractive, Jayne said,
matter-of-factly, as she does.

naDevvo’ yIghoS! I said,
and returned to the basement.

What is horrible is that there
were some women who
thought it was

and what is beautiful
is that Jayne doesn’t
but sticks around


Luke Normsy is a mid-level bureaucrat by day and a very-minor poet and photographer by night. He lives in the same meaningless void as everyone else, but tries to be cheery about it. Masochists and other interested parties can dig his work on Google+. His mailing address may be found in Pennsylvania.