God Marks His Agendas "Draft"

Each evening by email I receive God’s agenda for me for the next day, always marked “draft.” Three or four revisions or addendum appear in my in-box before the clock strikes midnight. When I wake in the morning I print out the final version, and go about my day. On rare occasions an update appears mid-morning, and when it does it always includes something I was supposed to do earlier but hadn’t, spelled out in bold block letters. At night I check the news reports and find stories of car crashes and shootings and I wonder if I’d had the agenda earlier if any of these tragedies might have been avoided. I ask to see my neighbor’s agendas, and they are always identical to mine.

Amy Strauss Friedman teaches English at Harper College and earned her MA in Comparative Literature from Northwestern University. A regular contributor to Newcity, her poetry and creative nonfiction have also appeared in Fractal, Extract(s), Crack the Spine, Rougarou, and others. She lives in Chicago with her husband and daughter. @amyfriedmanlit