Issue 2.2 Cover

Issue 2.2



Bryan Kring. A hike goes awry, but not without hope.

English as a Third Language
Jeff Burt. A bus ride becomes weightier than expected.

Susan Morehouse. Oh, grandfather.

That Summer We Collected Critters
Peter Clarke. Introduction to politics begins early.

Labor's End: A Chef Departs
Douglas Penick. The story behind an irascible chef.

At Mother-in-Law's Townhome, New Mexico
Kirby Wright. Confronting life.

Burning Eggs
Bill Vernon. An amusing family memory.

Postcard Lit

Joachim Frank. Self dual.

Running out of Gas
Howard Richard Debs. Musing on old gas pump

Art Post

A Doorway to Your Imagination
Wes Adamson. On the beach.

Our Daily Bread Series: #3
Shervone Neckles. Exploring heritage, consumption and religion.

Our Daily Bread Series: Wafer #1
Shervone Neckles. Exploring heritage, consumption and religion.

servants to illusion no. 4; vistamira
Shelton Walsmith. Watercolor at work.

she'd never come much closer
Shelton Walsmith. Painted woman at a distance.

Stewart Moore. A silent comic.

Erasure Text

Reassure the Bewildered
Mary Larsen. New text and a drawing over an old text.

Tableau with Angel of Death
Andrea Janelle Dickens. Collage created from The Way West by A.B. Guthrie, Jr.

Hawk/Dove: Hawk
Bea Nettles. Poem created from photographs of words from gravestones.

Hawk/Dove: Dove
Bea Nettles. Poem created from photographs of words from gravestones.

Hidden Gems

Railroad Song
Shareen Knight. A musical yearning.

January 19, 1969
Gerard Sarnat. Looking back in the desert.

One of the Reasons
Daniel Leach. Uncle on the beach.

Two Rivers
Ted Jean. Rocks anchoring time.

Shareen Knight. Indications from seagulls.

Wallpaper masking the stains of_____
Jess L. Bryant. A world unrolls.

Child on a plane
Nils Michals. A child, a man, and woman pass the time in a small space.

Taking Stock (Perth Amboy, NJ, 1962)
Carolyn Martin. Sales techniques are questioned.

Battle Dressings
Bonnie S. Kaplan. Silk and arrows.

if walls could talk, would children listen
Allison Thorpe. Wallpaper as camouflage.

Before Gravity
Merna Dyer Skinner. A glimpse of childhood.

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