Issue 12.2

Issue 12.2


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Sensing the Possible
Meagan Dausch. Beyond sight.

Psycho Dynamics
Kimberly Sweeney. Mind games.

letter from anchorage
Sara Iacovelli. A quiet visitor.

Union Avenue
Frank C. Modica. Noticing, in the street.

Inside the Vending Machine
Bryan Vale. Eternal light.

Dark Horse Going the Speed Limit
Evan Harris. A teen's drive.

Mother of Swords
Christy Tending. A reading with owl.

sometimes every week
Daniel Lehan. The mystery of lucky and unlucky.

The Wearing of Time
Zary Fekete. Impressions of a memory.

Robyn Thomas. Underwater perspective.


Under Glass
Claudia Moore. Embroidery.

Octopinus: Firea, Terra, Airea
Dianne Ayres. Sculpture.

Old Fridge
Lynn Cothern. Painting.

The Sole Survivor
Erika Lynet Salvador. Painting.

Machine Shop
Lynn Cothern. Painting.

At the Kitchen Window
Lynn Cothern. Painting.

Hidden Gems

Wende Crow. Little looms large.

It's Sowing Season and I Am a Farmer
Palak. Working on self.

The Famous Purveyor of Pineapples Continues to Eat the Costa Rican Jungle
Michael G. Smith. Travelers, birds, and pineapples.

Perusing Stars
Michael G. Smith. A mural, an ocean, a sky.

back then
Daniel Lehan. Notes from the future.

Cut Flowers
Eric Chiles. A gift.

Made in Yugoslavia
Katarina Pavičić-Ivelja. The old country.

Without Words
Martha Christina. Of nestlings.

A Table in the Wilderness
Linda McQuarrie-Bowerman. Hope.

Erasure/Found/Collage Poems

Samantha J. Pomerantz. Source: Enigma Variations by Andre Aciman.

Amy Marques. Source: The British Journal for the Philosophy of Science

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