The Magyar

out of revolution and a burning bed
she chose a summer somewhere else
Afrika, under a triumphant sky sound
where deep roots deliver the burnished dawn
and gold leaf peels from the sea
to hang in links about her neck

ripe with life, she brings with her
the motherliness of milk and the flamboyance
of spring in salmon, pink with secrets,
incurably plain potatoes, honest gherkins
                         and all the poetry of the table
in dumplings that have no gift for shape

when a suspicion of the moon shrivels up
and I am sunk inside myself, Her love leaps
from hand to hand to unravel from me broken
nights, suicide, love and other disasters

She is a cliff I leaped from
into childhood’s steady air; a dance
I inhabit where ladies smooth their lace
and fix their hair and i learn to know

my walk is in my hips

Gina is Hungarian, born in South Africa. Living in Tasmania, Australia she is an artist who works in various media including poetry, painting, collage, assemblage, photography & stitch. Her new website, currently underway is fynearts.com.au