General Guidelines

We welcome unsolicited submissions. All art and writing must be original and unpublished (personal blogs okay). By submitting, you acknowledge that you are the creator and owner of the work. Rights revert back to writers and artists upon publication. While there is no monetary payment, a discounted, prepublication rate will be available to contributors. This quarterly magazine, published mid- March/June/September/December, is always available online for free.

Star 82 Review especially looks for humanity, humility and humor. We like subtle, slightly gentle, slightly edgy works that don't just self-express, but that do communicate and leave the reader with at least a fraction of hope. We read year-round.

Before you submit, please browse the online magazine to get an idea of the subject matter and styles we like. Please limit your submissions to two separate categories through Submittable (click on the button at the bottom of this page; note that emailed submissions are not accepted and will be deleted unread).

Please check each category for separate guidelines regarding how many pieces per file. Works that fall outside of the guidelines will not be read. Standard fonts and formatting, please: 12 pt. type; double space for prose, single space for poetry.  

If your work is declined, you may be requested to submit two more files, but please wait to be contacted. New in 2016: you may also choose to submit work with a critique fee to receive detailed comments and suggestions. If you have previously submitted work to *82 please make sure you have not sent it to us before: if it was declined before, it will be declined again. Simultaneous submissions are acceptable, but please notify us immediately if the work is accepted elsewhere.   

You will be prompted to include a brief third-person bio with your submission. Bio should be publication ready, 50-100 words that highlight what you do and include where you live: mention only 2-5 publications that might say something about you (we are not interested in long lists). No cover letter is necessary.

We generally respond to all submissions within ten days (contact us if it has been one month). You may check the status of your submission at any time by logging in to your account. Just remember, it's not you, it's us: we accept only 8%-10% of the work we receive.

As usual, read the magazine (it's right here!) to get an idea of what we like. See the About page for links to editor interviews that might also be helpful.

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Photo-Based Erasure Texts
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Microfiction, short-short stories, flash; call it what you like, call it like you see it. Essays, creative nonfiction, and stories-of-the-day are also welcome. Please note that stories under 750 words are preferable; stories 100-500 words are most likely to be published.
Text: Send your best up to 1000 words. (Longer pieces will not be read.) Send shorter pieces together in one file, up to 1000 words, total.

Postcard Lit.

The image and the words work together to create a new view that neither could achieve alone. Send excellent drawings, photos, collages, paintings, or comics that are interlinked with an excellent text. Images must be high-quality original works. Send two files: one for picture, one for text.

What we look for in Postcard Lit:
-A high-quality, compelling photo, often mysterious, beautiful, or humorous, that draws the viewer in
-Short prose or poetry that complements, but doesn’t explain or repeat what the image says
-Short prose or poetry that is also poetic, mysterious, subtle, inclusive, compassionate, with no antagonism toward others and not overtly said
-In general, we don’t accept photo portraits and prefer objects and landscapes/interiors that set the stage and mood for the writing.

Text: up to 500 words
Image: up to 4.5 inches (114 mm) in width; 300 ppi; approx. 1M.

Art Post.

Tell a story in an image that takes us to another world. Now accepting up to five narrative images in each submission.
Image: up to 4.5 inches (114 mm) in width, 300 ppi, approx. 1M

Erasure Text.

Find a new, unrelated text in an old text. Also known as altered text: usually a page from a used book or a scan or copy that has been completely transformed with color, collage, sewing, handwriting, mixed-media, or text from other sources. Looking for both visual and verbal impact. (Erasures done only with black Sharpie are unlikely to be accepted.) Send up to two files in one submission.
Image: vertical, up to 5 x 8 inches (125 mm x 200 mm) 300 ppi, approx. 1M

Hidden Gems.

Small works in poetic form, lyrical language. Tiny, but satisfying. Striking imagery and/or a human issue (moral, ethical, dilemma, character trait) encouraged.
Types: experimental, free, hybrid, invented, narrative, prose. Send up to five poems in a single file.
Text: 2-50 lines each (including line spaces), up to five poems in a single file. Please note that we can only accommodate flush left or centered formatting with no tabs.

Editor's Eye: Prose or Poetry with Comments.

Get detailed feedback from the Editor. Find out what can make your work stand out and become stronger. IN ONE FILE: Submit up to 3 stories or 1000 words of prose, or up to 5 poems to be considered for future issues of the magazine. All submissions in this category accompanied with payment will receive detailed suggestions and/or in-depth comments. Submissions are not guaranteed publication, but are welcome to be resubmitted in the regular categories following revision. Critique fee. Read some previous submitters' testimonials here

Special Issues.

From time to time there may be special calls for submissions with specific acceptance and end dates. Check the Submittable page below for new categories and click there for the special guidelines.
2016: Open for special submissions 01-01-16 to 04-04-16.
No special issue calls for 2017 at present.