Almost Blue

Shelton Walsmith work has been widely published in well-known commercial magazines and books, and he has exhibited in New York, San Francisco, Prague, Austin, and New Zealand, with an upcoming solo exhibition in St.Thomas U.S. Virgin Islands. While illustrating a children’s book, he photographed closeups of several kids’ faces. Almost Blue, based on a photo of his neighbor, Heidi, is a 52” x 58” unstretched oil painting that was stapled directly to a wall, where it remained, face alone, for many months. The big contemplative face and the somber coloring led him to adding the blindfolded girls: the subject sees that they don’t see her. He lives and works in Brooklyn, NY. http://sheltonwalsmith.com

Shelton Walsmith is a frequent contributor to Star 82 Review and you will find his art in most issues.