the best journeys
lead to unexpected places
when you arrive
signs in japanese and devanagari say
take off your shoes

the children are so polite
you’ve seen them before
in your friends of friends’
facebook likes

they are smaller in real life
and are well up on the cretacious period
with rubber Pteranodons

the music too is vaguely familiar
eno and fripp
you worry this must be
solyent green
and look around for edward g. robinson
or steve buscemi
in case it’s a remake

Alastair Johnston is a printer and author living in Berkeley, California. He is trying to realize Oliver Cromwell’s dictum: a man never rises so high as when he doesn’t know where he is going. www.poltroonpress.com

Alastair Johnston is a frequent contributor to *82 Review. Find more of his work in this issue 4.1 as well as previous issues.