The Ceiling Fan

Shiny faux gold hardware over
wood grain paper on plywood.
Blades like canoe paddles
for gliding over Lake Mead
on a calm, dusky day.
Thick dust cakes the blade’s edges
like it does the ignored floorboards
of this 1970s ranch house.
A corroded chain falling, lolling,
a foot and a half,
a metal string cascade.
At its end a glossy
white knob that she had
to stand on tiptoes to reach.
Tug once for a slow hum,
twice for a soft buzz,
and three times for
a propellor plane whirl.

Originally from Huntington Beach, California, Angel LaCanfora is a singer/songwriter, landscape photographer and poet. Her poetry has won awards from Writer’s Digest and Grey Sparrow Press and has been featured in such journals as Snow Jewel and Poetry Quarterly. She presently resides in Henderson, Nevada with her two fluffy cats, Harold and Mod.