The Wide-Eyed Morning Sky:
Westbound on the Amtrak California Zephyr

across the Midwest…

from a bed of straw
yellow mossy swamp water,
lily pads budding sunshine

across a fading pale blue
sky, gray-tipped clouds
whisked like fresh meringue

in the Rockies…

poking the wide-eyed
baby blue morning sky,
jagged snow-dusted range

razor-edged crimson gravel
pine-pierced slope, brown giant
peaks stand shoulders above

cottonball clouds dab a
freshly painted sky, canyon wall
streaked in scarlet below

an evening in the West…

a lemon ball in the
dusty ether, full moon
steals the sunset show

in the Sierra…

on the rocky slope
below the highway, gutted
rusty skeletons of cars

Gonzalo Adolfo is a Bolivian-American writer and author of the novel, No Rush for Gold, and the mixed poetry and prose volume, Gone to War. His international publication credits include The Opiate, Black Bamboo Haiku Anthology, and Somos en escrito. He lives in Berkeley, California. bumhew.com

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