Forest Fire

forest fire obscured the mountains to the north
small eggplants swelled purple beneath the withering leaves

you read a book about mushrooms
then another book

I woke with the window cracked open, old fan creaking
unsure which of my two husbands lay beside me

what is the book of the day?
old dreams, a climb of hair in the drain

leaves of basil, mint, parsley
a wisp of smoke

I’d save you if the house was burning
no page, no paper, no photograph besides the heart

Miriam Sagan, Santa Fe, New Mexico, is the author of over thirty books of poetry, fiction, and memoir. Her most recent include Bluebeard's Castle (Red Mountain, 2019) and A Hundred Cups of Coffee (Tres Chicas, 2019). She works with text and sculptural installation as part of the creative team Maternal Mitochondria in venues ranging from RV Parks to galleries. She founded and directed the creative writing program at Santa Fe Community College until her retirement.

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