three thick stacked books with foredges facing the viewer

two thick stacked books with foredges facing the viewer

one thick stacked book with foredge facing the viewer

Codex Devolution

Initially I was attracted to these 1920s' Enciclopedia Universal Ilustradas merely as beautiful objects to photograph. As I spent more time with them, it occurred to me that during their lifespan they were revered and treasured, as the knowledge contained within was passed on from generation to generation. These photographs, part of a series of nine, shown together follow a distinctive curve, a seemingly parallel path with the history of the printed book, as these days we turn to the Internet rather than to a set of venerable tomes.

Lia Roozendaal is the principal of Lia Roozendaal Photography, specializing in print design and photography for artists, as well as her own art photography inspired by the natural world. Lia lives, works, photographs and gardens in El Sobrante, CA, with her spouse Lisa Kokin, two dogs, and Bindi the cat.

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