Planning Resolution

“Writing resolutions realizes resolve,” Jessica repeated the mantra as she began to write her new year’s resolutions in blue ink on a blank page in her brand new planner. “The first step to turning dreams into reality!” Jessica stated.

Year after year, Jessica’s goals had vanished from her thoughts before the first month was through. Even in years when she believed she was firmly resolved, her dreams still seemed to fade into obscurity before the first quarter was out.

“I will make this year the best year of my life,” Jessica said. She felt she was more disciplined than her friends, yet still lived alone in a one-room apartment, and the zeros at the end of her bank statements never seemed to increase. While she attempted to keep her body and mind healthy, her appetite often outweighed her willpower, and she was much more focused on the opinions of people she’d never met than those of her dearest friends. “This year will be different,” Jessica whispered.

She had all the best excuses last year. Her dreams had to be put on hold for health reasons, or due to an economic crisis, or because the political climate was not in her favor, or she was simply just too busy with day-to-day life.

Jessica placed the pen to the paper only to find that the ink had gone dry. “I will purchase a new pen tomorrow,” Jessica thought as she swiftly pushed her planner into the depths of her purse.

Toshihisa Nikaido has worked on many popular video games series such as Resident Evil, Pokémon, and The Legend of Zelda, and was one of the writers on the Zelda spinoff Cadence of Hyrule: Crypt of the Necrodancer feat. The Legend of Zelda (Nintendo, 2019).

You can see more of Toshihisa's work in 9.1

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