I had horses for friends, invited
inside to my faded farmhouse
with the creaky floorboards
each head left courteously
on plump burgundy pillows by
the front door as one
does for shoes
their heads came off as
cleanly as carnival masks
so I took count: eight
black eyes wide open
like jars of olives
neatly stacked
teeth in rows
as uniform as

Rhienna Renée Guedry is a queer writer and artist who found her way to the Pacific Northwest, perhaps solely to get use of her vintage outerwear collection. Her work has been featured in Empty Mirror, HAD, Oyster River Pages, Bitch Magazine, Screen Door, and elsewhere. Rhienna is currently working on her first novel. rhienna.com or @chouchoot on Twitter.

You can see more from Rhienna in 9.1

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