I am observing the world whose very act of existing has made us claim that it is the only world to exist. I am observing the shadows of the sun and suddenly the monkey appears again, opening a window below my language. It picks up all my words and chews them, only to spit them out while producing a grotesque sound of pleasure. I’ve seen this monkey many times; he comes from the world within that is populated by innumerable monkeys. They all seek the only thing they claim is real: monkeyhood. Monkeyhood is hidden deep in their jungle; it can be eaten, soft caramel-like substance that it is. Only a few monkeys are able to reach this sacred core. The monkeys that visit me are those that, for whatever reason, have stopped seeking monkeyhood. They would rather appear unannounced in this world, to taste a few fragments of illusion—as I believe they once called our language. I sit watching the shadows of the sun, here below the clouds, while I describe the indistinct quality of being alive.

Pablo Saborío is a Costa Rican-born visual artist and emerging poet living in Copenhagen, Denmark. His poetry and prose have appeared in various online and print literary journals around the world. https://beyondlanguagepoetry.com/