There is a pigeon in the airport

and this is how I know I’m in New York. The airport is no place for a bird, as birds can already fly and thus have no need to purchase that luxury nor do they usually have the money to do so. But here, no one thinks much of the pigeon. Anything that moves with purpose is understood to have it. Here, everyone is moving fast and focused on their feet, while I am moving less fast and focused on the approaching pigeon. I decide I like its confidence and besides, when it passes me, it steps aside politely to avoid my luggage, which is already more than I can say for the other fast walkers.

Angie Kang is a writer and illustrator from California. Currently, she is a fourth year student in the Brown|RISD Dual Degree Program. She has been previously published in mutiny! magazine, HOOT review, and others. For breakfast, she likes both oranges and hardboiled eggs, but only really enjoys peeling the latter. www.angiekang.net

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