We got the dream book from the library for fun and he said he used to keep a dream book and I said we should keep one together. (Oh, we were in love.)

We went to bed, but he’d left his phone downstairs and while he was down there the bathroom light went off. I had to go with him to change the fuse because he wouldn’t go in the basement by himself.

Back in bed, the sheets as light as clouds, he said he had written down his dreams once, but things that he’d dreamed started happening. He’d dreamed of a wooden contraption and when he went to camp it was on the wall: a gunrack. He dreamed of an old man who later gave him a ride when he was hitchhiking.

We fell asleep and in the morning, our heads on the same pillow, he had dreamed of a miter box. I had dreamed of a dog.

Mary Grimm has had two books published, Left to Themselves (novel) and Stealing Time (story collection)—both by Random House, and a number of flash pieces in places like Helen, The Citron Review, and Tiferet. Currently, she is working on a dystopian novel about oldsters. She teaches fiction writing at Case Western Reserve University.