We tried to pass some time together. We mixed up the time we had in our hands and merged them up with each other’s.

They are doing some time-pass, they said. Although it was true, it did not sound good when they said it. Time is all we had, and we gave each other some portions of it. It did not feel wrong but when they said it, it did sound like a bad thing to do. Maybe it felt wrong because we were exchanging little portions of our time and not a lifetime. Or maybe we would have to merge something more to make it look right like plans, parents, papers, etc. But all we had was time. In fairy tales we learn about merging forever. That forever sounds more like an idea than like time.

Mazduda Hassan is a published writer from Dhaka whose publication includes Monsoonletter anthology of the Write Foundation, the Bangladesh chapter of the Foundation of SAARC Writers and Literature. mazduda.com

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