(Purple and Green)

Me and Tweedle-dee sit
in cut-out bath tub,
hanging flowers,
rooftop backdrop
of ripped blue tarp
under twisting purple sky
and between ripples are
poison-neon purple and green,
sheet of dangerous
acid yellow visible
between the shadows
of the organic metal
fence-tips that lean like
hungry baby birds.

Cleary Mallard’s poems and short stories have been published and sometimes illustrated in The San Joaquin Review, Angle Magazine, RiPPLE, Words, Pauses, Noises and various zines across the UK. On stage, he’s read at the Sallis Benney Theatre (Brighton Fringe Festival 2017), The Museum of Futures, Fresno Art Hub, Fresno State CSU, Kingston University, and too many open mics to name. He received his BA in Creative Writing & English Language and Communication in 2017. https://clearymallard.tumblr.com/