The Lamp

Abandoned by the exit, the lamp came with a note attached: FREE TO GOOD HOME. After years of shedding, how gratifying to net something in return. An answer to unasked prayers. A kiss from the universe. The lamp stood tall beside her as they rose four levels to her studio apartment. As she unlocked the door. As she was met with instant and vehement opposition—too cheap, no room, no need. Everything met with hostility. Perhaps this isn’t a GOOD HOME, she determined. Or maybe it was never HOME at all. So she took the lamp with her.

Erin Leigh holds a BA degree in English Communication and a master’s in Liberal Studies with a concentration in English, and teaches post-secondary writing, research, and literature courses. Her micro-poetry has previously been seen in Belle Rêve Literary Journal, Right Hand Pointing, and Tower Poetry. She writes in North Carolina.