Her Funeral

Marker carving into grave, a line cut straight through marble. A tuft of my hair spread over the chrysanthemums, moored by a spotted pebble. This thick smell of blue sharpie will not persist for generations. Sticky handprints (cough drops) emblazon a trail from the wringed willow to the voided door. A forlorn apartment, once brimmed with plastic jewels and sequined dresses. Filled with lipstick stains on dawn-rose cheeks, sun rising under eyelids. Her only artifact, cast aloft by a Noah’s Ark of dust; ruby swan, eyes glinting.

Rebecca Oet is a high school student from Solon, Ohio, USA. She enjoys reading, writing short stories and poetry, and taking pictures. Rebecca is a national silver medalist in the 2015 Scholastic Art & Writing Awards and has won multiple awards for her writing and photography. She often fantasizes about growing wings and flying through the air.