Taken by Surprise

Mom didn’t trim her artichokes
Though it might have been expected it was a nasty surprise
When a leaf’s spiny tip pricked my finger drawing blood
I learned to be wary
She guided my hand as I held the knife
to cut out the tangle that guarded the heart
With her intent I do it now

After supper I cut a mango to share with my son
“Want to gnaw the pit?” “Nah, no pit”
There was never mango in my mother’s kitchen
A wave of grief takes me by surprise
Then I remember a lifetime ago
I mistook pit for seed and said,
“A man plants a pit in the woman to grow a baby”
My mother laughed, repeating my gaffe a million times
It’s good to remember her laughter

Ame Gilbert cooks for family and friends and also to get at what she is feeling and form ideas about life. She uses all the things food provides as inspiration for writing, so you could say “Ame Gilbert is a food writer.” www.foodpoetics.blogspot.com

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