Issue 4.3

Issue 4.3



Paul Beckman. Two brothers vie for control.

Omnia Omnibus Ubique
Richard Jones. A visit to Harrod's, London.

Visiting Cathedrals with Christine
Rupprecht Mayer. Translated by Eldon (Craig) Reishus. Protective instincts.

Lác Leman
Andrea Jackson. Reference to a lake shared by France and Switzerland.

Jenny McBride. An event in Harare, Zimbabwe.

Our Secrets
Minna Dubin. Mother and son.

Ray Scanlon. Essay that muses on patience.

Art Post

Skell Death
Robert Del Tredici. Photograph on Halloween.

The Other Side
Alicia Coe. Illustration in the city.

A Sane Humane Treatment
Stephen Mead. Photo montage of a couple.

The Scream
Vlada Dronova. Ceramic sculpture referencing the homeless.

In Pyramid Country
Jia Oak Baker. Photograph in mask.

Union Hills
Jia Oak Baker. Photograph in mask.

the masters revisited, pieter bruegel, 2 flies one blow, pours feathers to the wind, resents sun, money into water, catch fish with hands
Allen Forrest. Drawing that combines several proverbs.

Lisa Kokin. Thread as text.

The Door Down the Alley
Jonathan Beight. Boston photograph.

Back to Nature
Lia Roozendaal. Photograph of dining chairs in a new context.

Time Has Its People
Michael Weidman. Photograph of tableau sculpture.

Hidden Gems

Isabel Nguyen. Books as events.

Boarded-up School
Michael Jones. A remnant.

Matt Dennison. Children, uncensored.

Brittany Fonte. A disconnect with a parent.

Sam I Am Grows Tired
Micki Blenkush. A fictional character brought to life.

Laughing Stacks
Jake Tringali. Unsupervised children play in a futuristic world.

At the Oakland Library
Robin Michel. The meaning of a word.

The Lives of Houses
Darrell Petska. A house's perspective.

In the Storm's Eye
Darrell Petska. What you escape.

Joseph Burrows. Existence.

The old woman is pissed off (again)
Judith Arcana. Assigned judgment.

Going Solo
Grace Curtis. Flying on the ground.

The Importance of Feeling Special
Maryanne Hannan. Positive thinking.

Gift Wrap
Carolyn Friedman. Doing a job under scrutiny.

Five Fingers
Carolyn Friedman. What is assumed.

Tres Bienvenidos (Barcelona triptych, 1980)
Jota Boombaba. The experience of one tourist.

Todd Mercer. The oceanographer and the observed.

Southern Dining Room
Sharon Scholl. Shadows and foreshadowing.

Mary Virginia Is Failing
Sharon Scholl. Grace.

We Rejoice
Carol Smallwood. Bold and humble.

Young Man Walking
Phyllis Wax. A romance.

Melissa Fitzgerald. More than spelling.

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