The King Drowns

Our search is over. The boat moves slowly forward
across the bay, the ripples spreading and spreading.
The King called out to us and then was lost.

A transient stain marks where he sank—like the stone he is.
His heat submerged will charm the water

and afterwards the bay will birth a monster, wise,
unknown to Nature.

This we have set in motion and cannot undo.

Zea Morvitz is an artist living and working in Inverness, California. Her current art projects are drawings and artist's books. “The King Drowns,” drawing and poem, were made for Zea’s recent project, An Alchemical Emblem Book, a handbound book of drawings and poems modeled on Atalanta Fugiens, by Michael Maier, the original alchemical emblem book, published in 1617.

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