Wedding Cake

The top layer of my wedding cake, the one that you are supposed to keep in the freezer in order to eat on your one-year anniversary, was dark chocolate with a chocolate mousse and raspberry filling. We dutifully froze the cake, but ate it, sliver by frozen sliver, until it was completely gone. All that was left at the end of our first year of marriage was an empty disc of cardboard covered in cake crumbs, plastic wrap and foil.

Julie Chen has created limited-edition artist’s books under the imprint Flying Fish Press since 1987. Her books are in the collections of libraries and museums around the world, including the Museum of Modern Art, Museum of Women in the Arts, and the Victoria and Albert Museum. She is an associate professor at Mills College, Oakland and gives lectures and workshops across the country. "Wedding Cake" is an excerpt from her 2016 artist’s book, Bitter Chocolate. www.flyingfishpress.com