Lost Dogs

As a child you used to draw missing dog posters while waiting for your mom to finish at the library. You didn’t have a dog but wanted one so badly. Crayola markers making uncertain shapes, whiling away the hours you wished furtively that someone would deliver a lost dog to your doorstep. You now do the same thing with bodies, tracing wishful words scrawled on exposed limbs.

Jane-Rebecca Cannarella is an editor at HOOT Review, a crazy cat lady, and a Nutella enthusiast. She received her BA and M.Ed from Arcadia University, attended Goldsmiths: University of London, Sarah Lawrence College, and is finishing up her MFA at Antioch University. When not poorly playing the piano, she chronicles the many ways that she embarrasses herself at the website www.youlifeisnotsogreat.com. She occasionally drinks wine out of a mug that has a smug poodle on it, and she’s not wonderful at writing in the third person.