La Brea

Now we're eating soup with Uri Geller's spoons. There's many an intention tremor between saber-tooth and natural asphalt, between birthday cake and fate. I hereby nominate these previously ordinary objects to be objects of affection. When one side is purely photogenic, one redeeming feature is behind one unmarked door. Some autonomic nervous system you have, blushing husband! When tectonic plates electrically rejuvenate you, will you have that dream of Jeannie or that dram of manna or be good to go?

In a past century Heikki Huotari attended a one-room school and spent summers on a forest-fire lookout tower. He's a retired math professor and has won three poetry chapbook prizes. This is his fourth collection.

See two of his poems previously published in issue 4.4 and 4.4

"La Brea" formerly appeared in Gone Lawn.