Special Pocket Poems Issue

Pocket Poems

From the Editor

In twenty-six issues of Star 82 Review we have featured a number of wonderful poems. We’ve celebrated recurring authors as well as fledgling student writers of all ages and from all over. Nature, relationships, awkward moments, introspection, humanity, humility, and humor are all represented.

Poems can document a moment, a place, a condition, or a feeling; they can begin with a tiny observation and connect to the universe, or start with a larger issue and bring it home. Revisiting the poems and selecting and giving them new neighbors was rewarding to me; I felt them awaken and come alive again.

Now, presented as poems you can carry in your pocket for National Poetry Month in April and year round, one hundred short poems and twenty-five black and white visual works selected primarily for brevity, but also for delight and punch from Star 82 Review issues 1.1 through 7.1.

The online version is a guide back in time The physical book has weight. It is quiet, but it still reminds you it is there. Any way you choose to read them, these poems and artworks are timeless.

Alisa Golden

©2019 never mind the press and the authors and artists

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